Into the deep blue

For us human beings the ocean inspires a deep emotional response. Those who fear the sea’s vast expanse as unpredictable and unknowable equate it with a sense of impending danger; others embrace its watery depths as transcendent.

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In the exquisite Florence and the Machine song Never Let Me Go the connection between the divine and the sea is acutely explored: ‘And the arms of the ocean are carrying me, And all this devotion was rushing over me, And the crashes are heaven, for a sinner like me, But the arms of the ocean deliver me’.

For those who love the ocean with a passion, the notion that you can transform this infatuation into a profession is akin to finding heaven on earth. Skilling people for an extraordinary job which allows turning a recreational pastime into a career with a pathway, security and professional development is the role of the West End’s specialised marine business Ocean Recreation Careers Australasia, which has the perfect acronym ORCA.

Karen White is ORCA’s Operations Manager and she explains that her organisation is a training organisation which provides the skills for people to work at a professional level in the outdoor and adventure industries. This isn’t just a youth field, as might be imagined; ORCA offers a large range of courses for people of all ages and levels of experience, enhancing their skills and training them to the highest stage of Nationally Recognised Training.

ORCA offers a host of courses: full-time, part-time, short courses and traineeships. They pride themselves on their flexibility, which is the key to ensuring the best outcomes for students and employers.  Courses include: first aid, Certificate 11 in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, Certificate 111 in Tourism and Hospitality, Diploma of Outdoor Recreation, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

At the end you can turn a pastime you love into a new career with employment opportunities as a tourism operator, tour guide, surf instructor, hospitality manager or even go on to be a trainer and assessor yourself.

Novocastrians know that living in a coastal city means being hugged by the ocean, so sea dreams are inevitable. ORCA training means that you could get not just a job, but an unreal job. Dreams do come true.

Ocean Recreation Careers Australasia (ORCA), 788 Hunter Street, Newcastle West. Phone: 4023 0899

Kimberly O’Sullivan

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