Light bulb moment

Don’t you love an ‘ah ha!’ moment? That sudden flash of realization, or inspiration, where the answer to a hitherto tricky situation is revealed and voila! – enlightenment reigns.

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It’s not just an intellectual response, but a physical one too. When we get those hits of clarity, the ones which provide an inspired answer to a problem and seemingly come out of no-where, what is physically happening is a burst of high-frequency brain waves. A third of a second before the ‘ah ha!’ moment there is a neural explosion, like a chemical lightning bolt shooting between sleepy cells. Our brain becomes a hotbed of electrical activity as neurological connections are made between the left and right hemispheres.

Most of us don’t associate the Government with ‘Eureka I’ve got it!’ inspired thinking because the business of running the state and the country is a more staid, practical and sober affair. But sometimes even government heavyweights, or high up public servants, are hit with a moment of inspired genius. This seems to have happened recently with the unveiling of a new, innovative one-stop shop called Service NSW.

The old NSW Motor Registry building in the West End has been transformed into a Service NSW hub that places NSW Government services under one roof, in a centre with extended opening hours and expanded services. There will eventually be 18 Service NSW centres across the state and this is the first outlet in the Hunter. It seems that the State Government has stood in the shoes of its customers and decided that services need to meet the needs of constituents first and not continue to be mired in red tape.

This one-stop centre handles a wide range of NSW Government transactions including: drivers licences and vehicle registration renewals, applications for birth, death and marriage certificates, Seniors Cards, Housing NSW payments, contractor and security licences, payment of Office of State Revenue fines, provision of Roads and Maritime services such as fishing licences and national park passes, Fair Trading applications. With it possible to make more than 850 government transactions under one roof Service NSW is a centre whose time has well and truly come (or, for the more picky, is well overdue).

How did it come about? A Government spokesperson explained “Service NSW has been shaped by what customers have told us – they want easier access to government services, faster service and a single point of contact.” Amen to that. The Service NSW centres are an inspired idea, a customer-focused solution to long-held frustration with Government bureaucracy. It seems like the State Government has indeed had its own ‘ah ha’ moment.

Service NSW, Parry Street, 114 Newcastle West, phone: 13 77 88. GPO Box 7057, Sydney NSW 2001. Hours: 7:00am – 7:00pm Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 3:00pm Saturday., The Service NSW centres are supported by a 24-hour phone service and internet portal.

Kimberly O’Sullivan

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  1. Hi Kimberley,
    Nice blog! Do we have your consent to promote this on our Service NSW social media platforms?
    Service NSW Social Media Advisor

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